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Texas TEKS


TEA Web Site

Region XV Education Service Center

Technology Applications (Texas Center for Educational Technology START Project)

Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts

Mathematics TEKS Toolkit

Science TEKS Toolkit

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Center for Educator Development

Fine Arts Center for Educator Development



 Education Resource Sites


Teacher Resource Site

South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (Links to classroom tools for teachers and students)

Region 20  ESC Technology Resources

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators (A plethora or links for classroom curriculum integration)

Houghton Mifflin Education Place (K-8 Resources)

EduHound (Prescreened database directory of more than 30,000 K-12 educational sites.)

Indices and Hotlists for Educators - top

Blue Web’n Learning Sites (Library of Blue Ribbon Educational Internet Sites)

Free Student e-Mail (Teacher controls and monitors

Tools for TEKS (Strategies for integrating technology with classroom curriculum)

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Tom Snyder Productions (lesson ideas and web links)

Education World (Content Curriculum)

Apple Computer K-12 Education (subscribe to Apple Learning Interchange)


wNetStation: Web companion to PBS series

Classroom Connect (Hot Links: K-6, 7-12)

Awesome Library

Educator’s Toolkit!matink

NASA Educator Resource Center

United States Department of Education


Analyze and Apply (A guide to connect learning to performance)

ED’s Oasis (Integrating the Internet and classroom curriculum)

George Lucas Educational Foundation

From Now On (Free Subscription)

Teachers Net

Global English (Provides non-native English speakers with convenient, affordable access to effective English language instruction.)

Mr Dowling (Another great resource site for social studies)

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Lesson Stop

Internet Schoolhouse

Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Site

K-12 Science & Math Resources

K-8 Math (Harry Bohan’s Web Site)

Cynthia Lanius’s Math Site (Grades 4-12)

CoolMath (A variety of activities for math and just for fun)

Mathematics Lessons Database  (Maintained by the University of Illinois at Urbana)

Science Museum of Minnesota Online Projects

Animal Online Projects

EarthCam Internet Cameras

Handbook of Texas

Educational Resources

Facts on the Net

Research It

How Stuff Works

National Geographic’s Amazing Facts

Alfy: Web Portal for Kids

Webmonkey for Kids

Education 4 Kids

Enchanted Learning


Yahooligans!  (Yahoo for Kids)

Ask Jeeves for Kids


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ZD Net


Inspiration Software Demo Download


The Learning Company School Alliance






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Texas Department of Information Resources


Knowledge Adventure

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